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Current projects

this is an overview of current R&D projects at ETI

Art des Projekts Project titel Status Project partner
DFG Finite element model of voice produ tion with fluid structure interactio (in German) active, until end of March 2012 MDC Berlin, LBB/RWTH Aachen, UKE Hamburg
EFRE Erlebnis. ZuHören (in German) active Zentrum für Musikergesundheit der HfM, Kreis Lippe
Joint project
Evaluation of sound shields in orchestras (in German)
active Hochschulorchester der HfM, Zentrum für Musikergesundheit der HfM, Unfallkasse NRW
Joint project Vox Humana: Comparison of sound properties of vox humana pipes and the human voice active Prof. Dr. Seidner, Berlin
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