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Masters Programmes

The master courses are offered since winter semester 2012. Please read below for detailed information.

Master of Music (M.Mus.) " Musikregie"


The Master "recording producer" is based on the Bachelor of Music "Musik├╝bertragung" or "Diplom Tonmeister" and deepens chiefly the competence of the musical and artistic recording supervision. The choice of a focus which can be chosen in the range of popular and classical music is necessary. The master is project-based, i.e. it is expected to present a project idea at start that will be employed in the thesis. This can, for example, be a band/big-band project or an opera production. The goal is to produce a CD with professional standards. (Teaching will be in german)


  • Flyer M.Mus. Musikregie / Tonmeister | PDF
  • Study Regulations | PDF
  • Study Plan | PDF


Application deadline: 01.11.2016

For more information, please contact: Prof. Michael Schubert.

Master of Music (M.Mus.) "Klangregie"


In contemporary music many pieces need a sound direction, that is, they have to be performed with electro-acoustic means, live electronics and / or computer-based control. Thereby it should be self-evident that the technical equipment is operated by a musically competent professional who contributes creative ideas using his score knowledge beside technical planning. The master 'sound director' wants to provide the musical and technical expertise needed for planning and design of projects in contemporary music. This includes composition-based sound reinforcement, creating and playing of live-electronics and the control and programming of the required processes. The goal is the realization of a concert with works of contemporary music using electro-acoustic means. (Teaching will be in german)



  • Flyer M.Mus. Klangregie | PDF
  • Study Regulations | PDF
  • Regulations of Examination | PDF
  • Study Plan | PDF

Application deadline: 01.11.2016


For more information, please contact Prof. Michael Sandner via: Annette Peters


Master of Science (M.Sc.) "Music Acoustics"


Why does a bugle sound different from a trumpet? How does a Fender Rhodes piano work? Which properties characterise a good music studio or a concert hall? How can I learn overtone singing?

These questions and many more interesting topics are covered in the field "Music Acoustics". This new international Master of Science programme imparts methods and praxis for analysis of functioning and impact of musical instruments and the rooms in which music is performed. Sound properties of musical instruments are evaluated both with measurement devices and in listening tests. We want to understand their functional principles with the help of computer models and we will build our own instrument. Beside excursions to instrument makers, we offer the possibility to study modules in foreign countries. The M.Sc. Music Acoustics will enable our students to work as an expert in music acoustics and qualifies for subsequent doctoral studies in the field.

A more detailed description, including application deadlines and official documents can be found at the M. Sc. Music Acoustics page.

For more information, please contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Malte Kob.

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