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In addition to internal courses available at the ETI, numerous public events are also available to students and teachers of other programs, other universities, as well as new student applicants/ interested students, and even nonacademic public members.


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Monday Colloquium / Musical Acoustics and Audio Colloquium

Every Monday there is a colloquium held on the topic of musical acoustics at the Erich-Theinhaus-Institut. Different guest lectures are held each time between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. (Any changes will be posted here).
These are public events and you are cordially invited to attend these Monday colloquiums along with colleagues and students.



WFS-Spielräume Logo In the winter semester 2014/15, the event series "WFSpielräume - Workshop for Wave Field Synthesis" continues at the HfM. The main concert hall provides a venue to meet in every last Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm for students and faculty of the HfM, as well as guests from Germany and abroad. This workshop gives the opportunity to learn about the new experimental composition, musical, and practical performance opportunities that arose from the wave field synthesis system available since May of 2014 and the midi-controller installed in December 2009 for the concert hall organ.

Again, you are cordially invited to participate or to watch and enjoy the WFSpielräumen series of events along with colleagues and students alike. Malte Kob is gladly available to receive feedback and suggestions on the WFSpielräumen as well.

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