Postal ad­dress

Neu­stadt 22
D – 32756 Det­mold


Mrs. Ga­by Ass­mann
Phone:  +49 5231 975 644
Fax :  +49 5231 975 689
Mail:  ga­by.ass­mann@hfm-det­

Head of In­sti­tu­te | Head of Stud­ies Ton­meis­ter / Re­cord Pro­du­cer

Prof. Mi­cha­el Schu­bert
Phone:   +49 5231 975 629
Mail:  mi­chael.schu­bert@hfm-det­

Deputy Head of In­sti­tu­te

Prof. Bern­hard Gütt­ler
Tel.:   +49 5231 975 647
Mail:  bernhard.guett­ler@hfm-det­

Head of Study Mas­ter Sound Dir­ec­tion

Prof. Mi­cha­el Sand­ner
Phone:   +49 5231 975 647
Mail:  mi­chael.sand­ner@hfm-det­

Head of Study Pro­grams Mu­sic Acous­tics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mal­te Kob
Phone:   +49 5231 975 646
Mail:  malte.kob@hfm-det­

Tech­nic­al Sup­port ETI

Mal­te Heins
Phone:   +49 5231 975 634
Mail:  malte.heins@hfm-det­



Hoch­schu­le für Mu­sik
Neu­stadt 22
D-32756 Det­mold

Phone: +49 5231 975 5
Ho­me­pa­ge: www.hfm-det­
E-Mail: web­mas­ter@hfm-det­

Sales tax iden­ti­fic­a­tion num­ber ac­cord­ing to § 27 a sales tax law: DE 124617697

The Hoch­schule für Mu­sik Det­mold is a pub­lic cor­por­a­tion with leg­al ca­pa­city, sup­por­ted by the state of NRW.

It is rep­res­en­ted by the Rect­or.

Ed­it­or­i­al of­fice:

Prof. Mi­cha­el Schu­bert (Dir­ect­or of the ETI)
Neu­stadt 22
D-32756 Det­mold

Ho­me­pa­ge: www.eti.hfm-det­
E-Mail: schu­bert@hfm-det­

Con­tact per­son web­site:

Do­mi­nik Pra­ger (tech­nic­al sup­port)

E-Mail: eti-web­mas­ter@hfm-det­

Re­spons­ible su­per­vis­ory au­thor­ity:

Min­istry for Cul­ture and Sci­en­ce of the State of North Rhine-West­phalia
Völk­lin­ger Str. 49
D-40221 Düs­sel­dorf

Re­spons­ib­il­ity for con­tent:

The re­spect­ive au­thors of the in­di­vidu­al pages are re­spons­ible for the cor­rect­ness and top­ic­al­ity of the con­tents.