Wel­come to the Erich Thi­en­haus In­sti­tu­te of the Det­mold Uni­versity of Mu­sic!

This is the cradle of the Ton­meister edu­ca­tion. Count­less classes of stu­dents have com­pleted their de­mand­ing stud­ies here and since then have suc­cess­fully worked as sound en­gin­eers, re­cord­ing pro­du­cer, mu­sic dir­ect­ors, FOH sound en­gin­eers, theatre and op­era sound en­gin­eers, in ra­dio and tele­vi­sion, in mu­sic stu­di­os, on large open air stages, in theat­ers and op­era houses, or as freel­an­cers - sev­er­al among them Grammy win­ners (the "Oscar of the mu­sic in­dustry").

Find out more about the his­tory of the in­sti­tu­tion, the his­tory of sound en­gin­eer­ing, the courses of study, and the tech­nic­al equip­ment of our stu­di­os and labor­at­or­ies on our web­site. Learn how stu­dents live and work in Det­mold and at the in­sti­tu­te.

Gain in­sight in­to the best Ton­meister train­ing in the world and come to us for an ex­cit­ing and unique course of study!