Stu­dents, Pro­fes­so­rs and Em­ploy­ees 2019

When you start study­ing, you also be­come part of the com­mu­nity at the ETI. The great strength of our In­sti­tu­te is es­pe­cially the com­mu­nity among the stu­dents. Be­cause we have our own house and our own liv­ing room - the "Wohnzi­m­mer" - there is al­ways someone around who can an­swer a few ur­gent ques­tions, help with troubleshoot­ing the sig­nal path, or at least feel like chat­ting and drink­ing cof­fee.

In this way, you get to know your fel­low stu­dents' pro­jects, ex­change tips and solu­tions for re­cord­ing tech­niques and mix­ing, and hear the latest gos­sip about au­dio tech­no­logy. Play­ing mu­sic to­geth­er is also par­tic­u­larly pos­sible with­in this frame­work, and en­sembles, bands, and oc­ca­sion­al pro­jects are con­stantly be­ing formed among the stu­dents.

The ap­plic­ants are all so di­verse that each of them can bring their own strengths and pas­sions to the table, or we give them the op­por­tun­ity to dis­cov­er them first. Wheth­er someone knows the scores of all the Brahms sym­phon­ies by heart, or simply plays Age Of Em­pires in an ab­nor­mally good way, at the ETI every­one is wel­comed with open arms!